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Fee Refunds 2019-2020 

The school has reviewed all prepaid fees and determined which fees will be credited back to parent accounts. As you can appreciate the school division is working hard to process a number of credits at this time for various fees. Thank you for your patience. The fees credited will be displayed in the fee collection system that can be accessed through the parent portal. 

Administration Procedure 505 School Fees details school fees for the jurisdiction.  Clause 8 of this procedure outlines the fee refund processes and parameters.

  • The fee credit must exceed $100 prior to any fee refund being processed.  Any lesser amounts remain on account for future fee assessments. 
  • The fee credit will be applied to any fee balances outstanding for any students in a family prior to any fee refund being processed.   
  • The parent must request a fee refund in order for any fee refund to be processed. If a fee refund is not requested the balance will remain on account for any future fee assessments. 
  • The fee refund will be processed on June 30 if all of the above parameters are met. 

Fees for supplies are typically not credited as supplies are purchased for students and utilized throughout the year. Fee refunds for any field trips not taken will be included where applicable.

Refund procedures are further detailed in the Wolf Creek Administrative Procedure 505 available on the Wolf Creek Public School website at

School Fees

2019-2020 School Fees

All outstanding fees on the statements can be paid online, by cash or cheque made payable to Wolf Creek Public Schools. If you need a statement please contact our school office.