Staff Directory


Photo of Ed Coles

Mr. Ed Coles



Photo of Kayley Bowie

Miss Kayley Bowie

Photo of Shawn Danbrook

Mr. Shawn Danbrook

Photo of Nathan Farkash

Mr. Nathan Farkash

Photo of Cody Magneson

Mr. Cody Magneson

Athletic Director

Photo of Merel Morskate

Ms. Merel Morskate

Photo of Nicole Orr

Miss Nicole Orr

Support Staff

Photo of Dana Dennehy

Mrs. Dana Dennehy

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jody-Lynn Dojahn

Mrs. Jody-Lynn Dojahn

Educational Assistant

Photo of Tatiana Grzech

Mrs. Tatiana Grzech

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jody Klassen

Ms. Jody Klassen

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Mandy Lentz

Ms. Mandy Lentz


Photo of Kaylee Moos

Mrs. Kaylee Moos

Educational Assistant

Photo of Janay Thomas

Mrs. Janay Thomas


School Social Worker

placeholder image for Samantha Chartrand

Miss Samantha Chartrand

School Social Worker (SSW)