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Mr. Holland shared this message with all students today during block 3. 

We are here today at Mr. Holton's request because he wanted you to be updated on his absence.

Mr. Holton is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. He wanted you to hear that directly from him to avoid uncertainty and speculation. Mr. Holton is having a surgical procedure next week, will need time to recover from that procedure and then additional time to take subsequent chemotherapy treatments. As a result he will not be returning during the current school term.

I know you all join the staff in wishing him nothing but the best during the difficult days. Please respect his need for privacy as he readies himself for next week's surgery. We know you will want to reach out to Mr. Holton and we in conjunction with Renaissance will look for ways to do so as a school community at the appropriate time.

We will continue forward as we have been doing with Miss Bowie, Mr. Holland and Mrs. Young delivering the schedule we have been using since the term began.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding since the staffing adjustments have been made and hope we are able to count on that support moving forward.

Again our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Holton and his family.


Upon Mr. Holton's request we are making this announcement for parents, guardians and the school community so everyone is aware and hears the same message. 

Support is available at the school for any students. Miss Chartrand our School Social Worker is in our building on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning. 


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