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Collecting Personal Belongings

MARCH 17, 2020


Eckville Elementary and Eckville Jr. Sr. High are working in conjunction to assist parents and students in collecting their personal items from the school prior to our spring break. We are able to be ready for this pickup on Thursday, March 19. It is our intention to have two pickup windows 7:30 am - 10:00 am followed by 2pm - 4pm. These windows will hopefully  allow for individuals who need to do this prior to work or after work to be accomodated.


Items that you should collect from school during this time

  • Contents of the child’s locker or desk
  • Personal clothing or school supplies including indoor shoes, gym strip, etc.
  • Class supplies including notebooks, binders, textbooks, etc.
  • Student-owned devices
  • medication owned by the family and stored at the school


At Eckville Elementary, all of the students' belongings will be put together by staff, in a marked bag. When you arrive at the school, staff will bring the bag to you at the main entrance to minimize traffic in the building. 

At Eckville Jr. Sr. High students, siblings or parents will be allowed into the building 10 people at a time. They will proceed directly to the locker(s), collect the contents and leave the premises. Also if we could ask that all school uniforms be brought in at this time and students to a quick check of the lost in found items at the table inside the front door. Exit the building at earliest opportunity. All lockers should be empty following pickup. We will also ask that they are not relocked at this time.. Gloves and other sanitary supplies will be available. 



  • Please send someone who is asymptomatic for the pickup
  • No individual parent or student will be able to pick up for friends.
  • Please do not throw out notebooks, binders, etc. in case students do return to school at some point.
  • If your child has Library books, please take this opportunity to return them to the school.
  • As has been previously stated this will not be a time to ask questions of staff regarding upcoming delivery of content. Those decisions are not yet determined. 
  • Staff is not in the position to speculate about duration of the current measures
  • Items not picked up prior to spring break will not be accessed during the break. 



We understand that some may have difficulty with the established time frames, please contact the school if necessary to look into alternate arrangements. We hope to have clear direction on the instructional components shortly. We appreciate your patience and support through these trying days. 

Ian McLaren           

Principal, Eckville Elementary School 

Brian Holland

Principal, Eckville Jr. Sr. High


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